(Super Mario Bros 1 was used in the shots below)

Improvement #1The detail window will give you information about the other windows and an enlarged picture from the pattern table.

Improvement #2The Sprite viewer will show the sprites in use and their pictures. And they are now in COLOR!

Improvement #3The CheatSearcher allows you to search the game's RAM for variables with specific values or for ones with specific changes in value.

Improvement #4The Debugger is one of the best improvements. You can now add BreakPoints, watch what values are in the stack, looks at previous PC values (used for backtracking jumps), and a newly created logger. Also, the PRG and CHR on the bottom left tells you the location in the file where each area of the PRG is being loaded from. Great for games that switch the banks around.

The best part about the breakpoints, is that you can now break on File Addresses too. This is great if you want to break on a read or execute on a certain area in the rom file. So far, this is the only emulator in existence that does this.