TIM Viewer
2/1/09Version 1.04bDownload Program (22k)
Re-added this version since it was removed by an accidental delete.
Added a resize option and a stop scan button.
1/28/08Version 1.04Download Program (22k)
Added a bunch of checks to prevent the program from crashing on failing to open files.
Fixed bug on CLUT editing that made you edit the wrong CLUT.
Added 16->24 BPP Conversion.

9/9/04Version 1.03cDownload Program (20k)
Fixed an error that prevented some tim files from being found during a scan.

2/3/04Version 1.03bDownload Program (20k)
Fixed a few last errors more errors when converting bmps and added support to edit the CLUTs.

11/25/03Version 1.02Download Program (18k)
Fixed some more errors when converting bmps back to tim and added transparency support.

11/20/03Version 1.01Download Program (17k)
Fixed some errors in inserting files back in and added some more error checking.

11/18/03Version 1Download Program (15k)
First release.